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CIB pdf brewer in 1st place among the top 100 PDF converters

23.11.2021 – 1st place for CIB pdf brewer: Our free PDF tool is by far the most downloaded all-round PDF editor among PDF converters (category: Top 100 PDF converter downloads of all time) on Chip.de.

CHIP: “The programme integrates itself into Office programmes such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint in the form of a button and a small additional menu. In addition, the tool can be integrated into the start or context menu. This makes it possible to convert a document without having to open an application.“

The CIB pdf brewer is available in all Windows applications to convert all kinds of documents into PDF format. But of course the CIB pdf brewer offers much more!

The comprehensive functionality of the CIB pdf brewer:


Easy as pie from all applications under Windows operating systems.

Compress PDFs with top technology

Edit multi-page PDF documents with Merge & Split

Simply convert images to PDF with a click

Embed image or PDF as background

With PDF/UA standard for people with visual impairment

Continue editing Word documents even after conversion

Even more secure with PDF 2.0
With the enhanced encryption mechanism PDF 2.0

E-bill in the business version
ZUGFeRD 1.0, 2.1 (Basic / Comfort), XRechnung, FatturaPA and Factur-X.

In addition to the free version “CIB pdf brewer”, we also offer an extended business version, the CIB pdf brewer Business, for purchase.

Download now for free CIB pdf brewer 3.10.

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