Digitalization and automation for more efficient work processes in the company

Document (Lifecycle) Management

The individual modules of Document Lifecycle Management are responsible for the complete lifecycle of your documents, from incoming mail processing to template creation and archiving, and they optimize the document management processes.

The use of platform-independent standards and the architecture with flexible and modular expansion options offer you security of use and high investment protection.

Document Lifecycle Management
Customer Communication Management

Customer Communication Management

Ensure the quality and consistency of documents across the group? That’s possible with our CCM solution: create high-quality and diverse documents from intelligent templates to communicate individually and highly efficiently.

Business Process Management

Business process management allows you to automate control over the various processes in your business to free up more time and resources for innovation and growth.

Business Process Management
Forschung Entwiclung Innovation KI

With artificial intelligence into a better future for all

For a long time, it was a dream of the future to automate tasks that require human-level intelligence. CIB implements this vision in the new solutions that facilitate our work on the basis of neural networks.

The goal: to create a working world in which we say goodbye to routine work and human automatism with much more time for creative and barrier-free togetherness.

*CIB invests 14% of its turnover in R&D with artificial intelligence. R&D intensity of German conzems according to EY 2019: 4.8%



Communicate efficiently in a sector where quality and speed are essential due to strict guidelines and regulatory controls.


The urgency of digital transformation is increasing - also in the insurance industry. Grow with us!


The future of the working world will be digital and electronic - and that includes administration, of course.


Standardization and automation get complex processes rolling. Do you want to achieve a high level of standardization, but always have to cater to your customers' highly individual requirements?


When IT experts trust IT experts.

We have the right solution for your needs!