The all-in-one multicloud app! Transfer, upload and share documents securely

Upload, transfer and share documents securely!

Unlimited storage in CIB doXisafe

Completely free of charge!

All-in-One Multicloud

For all formats

Practical full text search with OCR

Document viewer

Manage all your clouds in one multicloud

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Transfer files securely from your other clouds!

Use your other clouds from different providers in a single app! Easily transfer all files from Google Drive, MS OneDrive or Dropbox to your CIB doXicloud.

With unlimited storage space in CIB doXisafe!

You have access to files storaged on multiple clouds with a single login. At the same time, CIB doXicloud offers you the CIB doXisafe cloud with as much storage space as you need. And all this, free of charge!

Install now CIB doXicloud and just give it a try!

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View and edit over 200 document formats directly in the browser with the web-based multifunction viewer!

Upload, share, manage and enjoy life in the multi-cloud documents for free and without store limits!

The simple and helpful mobile app for scanning documents as a supplement to the CIB doXicloud!

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