Web-based PDF and data editing with our multifunctional viewer!

No installation: Professional PDF editing, digital invoice processing, online document signing, PDF compression, and much more!

Advantages at a glance

No installation

Without installation

CIB doXiview is browser-based and does not require any installation


More than 160 file formats

CIB doXiview enables the visualization of the most common formats and more

Easy integration

Easy integration into your applications


Document types and formats

Visualize different file formats, such as PDF, RTF, TIFF, JPG, DOCX, PPTX, XSLX, ODT and many more, without installing the original app on the PC.

Text recognition

Simply upload your pictures or PDF documents. The texts are automatically recognized and immediately available for further processing.

Text editor

Ideal for corporate customers: Marked sections in the document can be edited in the browser using a powerful editor. The changes are saved in the RTF.

libreoffice editor icon

LibreOffice Editor

No installation needed, simultaneous documents editing directly in the browser.

PDF editing

This feature enables you to change the order or orientation of individual pages or just delete unnecessary pages of your document.

Image editing

Image editing From adjusting contrasts and colors to cropping your pictures and documents.

PDF compression

While compressing your PDF you save lots of storage space.

Redact text

Text passages not intended for every eye can be herewith made permanently unrecognizable.

Digital signature

Sign digitally with our integrated CIB doXisign


Insert comments, notes and freehand drawings directly into your documents.

Linguistic analysis

How often is which word used? How many characters does the document have? Get the key figures at a glance.


Filling out PDF forms with an easy user guidance.

QR-Code Modus

On the go? Display screen-optimized QR codes in documents.

Display invoice

Check yor electronic invoices and get the complete SEPA data record.

Create invoice

Automatische ZUGFeRD-Rechnung mit Übernahme von IBAN und Empfängerdaten.


Protect your documents with a password.

PDF layers

Show or hide layers of a PDF document.

PREMIUM Colour customisation

Seamlessly integrate into your company software and with your CI colors.

PREMIUM Create form fields

Create forms including fields for personal data and adding a signatures fields.


Correspondence is created, issued as a letter via the software and collected directly from the post office - postage optimization included.

PREMIUM Payment of invoices

Import invoices with CIB doXiview, pay directly via a PSD2-compliant interface, receive payment confirmation.

PREMIUM Data protection

Documents and texts are deleted after processing.

CIB doXiview am Beispiel


Flexible processing of application documents

Simply merge cover letters, curriculum vitae and certificates, change the order as required or remove unwanted documents or pages.


Proof of income required from landlord?

Use CIB doXiview to irrevocably black out all irrelevant positions on account statements, save them as PDF files and send them off.


Cost-effective processing of receipts from the sales representatives?

The optimal solution to save money: highly compressed files in ideal resolution for space-saving archiving.


Obligated to submit e-invoices?

With our solution it's really easy! Import your own invoice, mark relevant items according to instructions and generate e-invoice.

Versions at a glance

Overview of versions BASIS PREMIUM
Displays over 160 file formats
Automatic text recognition(OCR)
Browser-based text editing - via standard editor or extended OpenSource solution
LibreOffice Online powered by CIB
PDF Editing
Annotate, black out, sign directly in the document
Linguistic Analysis
QR-Code Modus      
Fill in forms
Inserting PDF form fields
Connection to payment function
Individual customization
Advanced and Qualified E-Signature
Coming soon: Postage optimization via CIB fairBrief

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