Which automation solution best suits your requirements? Find out more and let our asset-based consultants advise you without obligation! Digitalization Solutions Optimize processes,

Digitalization Solutions

Optimize processes, work better

With coSys, companies ensure the quality and consistency of their documents throughout the group!

Flexible BPM tool for every workflow. Make your business more agile with more efficient and streamlined processes!

CIB fairBrieft

Environmentally conscious: You can now handle your postal dispatch completely online - securely and cost-efficiently.

Communicate digitally with clients throughout: The online portal for real-time document exchange.

All PDF tools you need!

All the PDF tools you need and 100% local in the browser. We respect your privacy!

Can be integrated: The professional complete solution for your PDF documents!

Multi-Cloud & Mobile app

Edit, share and manage shares in the multi-cloud. Free, secure and logged in with many extras – also in the app!

The free cloud for your smartphone - scan, upload, securely share documents and much more!

The individual and mobile solution for document transfer and document exchange with your clients.

More solutions & modules

Use case Außendienst

Reduce the size of documents and scans, save costs and free up storage space. Our PDF High Compression module is already in use by over 200,000 users!

Create and process SEPA data and electronic invoices in many standard formats directly in your system environment.

View and edit over 200 document formats directly in the browser with the web-based multifunction viewer!

With doXisign you can now conclude contracts and agreements online without media discontinuity and without installation - sign securely and DSGVO-compliant directly in your browser!

Enjoy the benefits of an open source, low-cost office solution developed by a globally engaged community – with the assurance of professional, international support.

With these flexible cardboard scanner boxes, you can set up a stand and take the best scan in no time, even when you’re on the move.

Rely on the powerful, reliable PDF SDK, which is already used by a wide range of applications for PDF processing.

With artificial intelligence for less human automatism and more creative cooperation!

Digital transformation is now!